Inventory Change Log

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Certainly! Here's a numbered list summarizing the key points from the script:

1. Changelog Overview:

   - Access inventory and navigate to the changelog for a detailed inventory transaction history.

2. Ledger Entries:

   - The changelog displays a ledger of inventory transactions from newest to oldest.

   - Each entry includes details such as SKU, initial quantity on hand, quantity after the transaction, and the reason for the change.

3. Reasons for Inventory Changes:

   - Various reasons for inventory changes are highlighted, including order processing (deduction due to shipping), manual adjustments, transfers, cycle counts, and more.

4. Filtering Options:

   - Users can filter the changelog based on specific criteria, such as reasons for change (e.g., increases or decreases), date ranges, or a particular SKU.

5. Date and SKU Filtering:

   - Example scenarios include filtering by date range (e.g., from the beginning of December to the end of the day yesterday) or filtering for a specific SKU (e.g., deluxe snowboard).

6. Detailed Inventory Snapshot:

   - The tool provides a detailed snapshot of inventory at a specific date and time, showing quantities on hand for different products.

7. Use Cases:

   - Useful for tracking inventory changes during specific periods, conducting end-of-quarter or end-of-year reporting, and obtaining detailed insights into SKU-specific transactions.

8. Example Snapshot:

   - An example is given where, at the end of the day on 12/13, the inventory snapshot reveals quantities on hand for deluxe snowboards, standard snowboards, and snowboard wax.

9. Application for Reporting:

   - The changelog can be valuable for generating reports on inventory, especially for periodic and specific product-focused analyses.

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