Wayfair Integration

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In order to fulfill your orders, we will need to connect to your e-commerce store which is the Wayfair platform. Please follow the instructions below and let us know when they are completed.

1. Open a new browser tab, then log in to your Wayfair account portal with your Wayfair username and password.

2. Visit the User Management page in Wayfair's Partner Home portal and grant your account the API Access Permission. Note: only Account Administrators can grant this permission.

3. Go to the Applications tab in the side menu then click + New Application. After you click this button you’ll see a Create Application pop-up.


4. Enter a name and description for the new application into the Create Application pop-up. These can be anything, but calling it Packiyo will help to identify its purpose and use.

5. Toggle the selection from Sandbox over to Production, then click Save. This will open the Client Secret pop-up.


6. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret from the Client Secret pop-up in Wayfair.

 Note: Client Secret IDs are inaccessible once the pop-up closes. Do not close the pop-up until you have taken a screenshot or copied the Client ID and Secret to a separate document where you can refer to them later.


7. Email us the client ID and secret at connect@shippingpilot.co and let us know when these steps have been completed. We will make sure all the order information is coming through before fulfilling your orders. Note: If you have orders older than 90 days please let us know as we will have to manually import these.

If you need assistance doing this, please let us know and we can set up a screen share.

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