Starting the Onboarding Process

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Let's Connect

In this article, we'll help you set up your onboarding with Shipping Pilot. Let's break down a few steps to get you started.

  1. Fill out our Onboarding Form and submit it back to us.
  2. Schedule a meeting with us using our Calendar ScheduleAt this appointment, we will review your onboarding information and discuss your store connection.  
  3. If you have an e-commerce store you would like to connect to please fill out our Store Connection Request Form. From here we will send you any additional information needed to get your store connected, depending on the platforming.
  4. Before beginning your fulfillment journey with Shipping Pilot, make sure all your company insurance information is reflective of the information provided in our Insurance Information knowledge base article.
  5. If you have any additional questions feel free to fill out a request via our Support Ticketing System.

e-Commerce Store Connection

Utilizing reliable e-commerce platforms or plugins ensures efficient order processing, secure transactions, and real-time inventory updates. Additionally, connecting with third-party tools for analytics and marketing enables businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and tailor their strategies for improved engagement and conversions. In essence, a well-connected e-commerce store facilitates smoother internal operations and contributes to a more user-friendly and competitive online shopping environment.

Common Onboarding Topics

Here is some information we may need to know during the onboarding process or before processing orders. To prepare for your onboarding, please keep the following in mind as we may ask! 

Does your product need kitting? 

This may apply to multi-packs, subscription SKUs, or marketing materials. If you would like your product packed, kitted, or shipped in a particular way, please fill out our Shipping Pilot Kitting/Bundle Form. By using this link, you are providing us with details on the packing process, from assembling the package to applying the label and handing it off to the carrier.

What is the inbound process?

We have broken down this information into two digestible knowledge-base articles: Inbound Address & Requirements and How to Set up an Inbound to Shipping Pilot

How can I gather billing information? 

You are given a weekly invoice and a billing breakdown via your personal Account Tracker. A breakdown of what that looks like can be found in our Account Tracker Overview. If you have any questions about your invoice or billing, you can create a ticket or send an email to

What are your shipping speeds and rates?

You can locate shipping speeds in the Shipping Time Frames knowledge base article and our shipping rates in the Shipping Overview + Rate Cards article.

Can we file claims? 

You sure can! We request that you fill out this carrier-based Delivery Issues form for all delivery and shipping inquiries. You can also find carrier-based claims information via these knowledge articles: DHL Claims InformationUPS Claims Information, and FedEx Claims Information.

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