How to setup an Inbound to Shipping Pilot

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Please read our article Inbound Address & Requirements before beginning an inbound

1. Introduction to Inbounding:

   - The video covers inbounding the shipping pilot using Packiyo.

   - The presenter has set up a test store selling snowboards and snowboarding supplies.

2. Creating a Purchase Order:

   - Access the purchase orders section and click "Create PO" in the upper right-hand corner.

   - Search for the designated warehouse and specify the vendor (can use a vendor from the company name or actual supplier).

3. PO Number and Tags:

   - Assign an internal PO number (e.g., PO-i-m-v, 00003).

   - Tags are crucial for understanding inbound shipments, with three types: SP-freight, SP (small packages), and SP-container (for container shipments).

4. Tracking Information:

   - Include tracking information, order date, and expected date.

5. Back Orders and Reorders:

   - Options to add back orders and reorders to the purchase order.

   - Reorders are based on the quantity set for each product.

6.*Adding Products to PO:

   - Search for and add specific products (e.g., snowboard wax, standard snowboard, ADLOOK snowboard).

   - Specify quantities for each product.

   - You cannot currently add kit products to the PO, please enter the kit components

7. Sell Ahead Quantity:

   - An option to set a sell-ahead quantity if wanting to sell inventory before it arrives at the warehouse.

8. Saving the Purchase Order:

   - Click "Save" to complete the purchase order.

9. PO Management:

   - Return to the PO Management screen to view all created POs.

10. Tracking and Status:

    - Quantities set during creation are visible; the status will switch to "closed" when the inventory is received by Shipping Pilot.

11. Additional Features:

    - Upload and export to CSV, edit columns, and filter based on status, warehouse, receipt, and tags.

    - Encouragement to use tags for creating custom reports based on supplier, product, or other criteria.

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