Setting up an order for inbound to Amazon

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  1. Identify FBA Products in Packiyo:

    • Use the "SP-FBA-product" filter to find all Amazon products in Packiyo.
  2. Create a New FBA Inbound Order:

    • Go to "Orders" -> "Create Order".
    • Name the order (e.g., "FBA order").
    • Tag the order with "FBA-order" instead of "FBA-product".
  3. Specify Address Information:

    • Enter "Amazon" for both Name and Company Name (placeholder information).
  4. Skip Shipment Information:

    • The actual shipment information will be entered in Seller Central.
  5. Add FBA Products to the Order:

    • Select the FBA products using the search bar.
    • Enter the quantity for each product:
      • Number of case packs (e.g., 10 case packs of G102).
      • Number of individual units within a case pack (e.g., 250 units of G102 from 10 case packs).
  6. Verify and Create the FBA Order:

    • Review the order details for accuracy (products, quantities).
    • Create the FBA order.
  7. Place order on Operator Hold
    1. Please place the order on an operator hold and create a ticket to notify us that an FBA order has been added.
  8. Filter Orders by FBA Tag:

    • Use the "SP-FBA-order" filter to find the newly created FBA order.
  9. View and Manage the FBA Order:

    • The FBA order will now be available for prepping by your team (covered in a separate video).
  10. Notify the Shipping Pilot Team
    1. Create a ticket to notify us that an FBA order has been added.

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